Chile, Gingarellleee is the drink that cures all in the Black community. While there are already popular brands like Canada Dry and Schweppes, Sprite has found the unmitigated gall to step up to the challenge.

According to Sprite’s website, The Coca Cola Company–Sprite’s parent company–has introduced Sprite Ginger and Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar. 

“We reinvented the classic lemon-lime taste of Sprite with a hit of Ginger flavor. And now we’ve asked nine talented young creators to reinvent classics with their own hit of something new. Introducing The Ginger Collection.”

Apparently this is a big deal. Sprite even has a clothing collection to coincide with the new drink release, Roomies. Talk ’bout doing it big, Jeff Staples has been tapped to create the ‘Ginger Collection’ that’ll include tee’s, sweatshirts and skateboards.

Y’all know that Black folk and Ginger Ale have an unbreakable bond. I wonder how many will stop drinking Canada Dry for Sprite Ginger, or at least include it as an option.

The company is truly on that ‘new new’ cause they have also created a mix flavor of Cherry Coke and Vanilla, which were originally created separately.

According to People, studies showed that customers mixed the two flavors together. Hence, the new production of Cherry Coke Vanilla.

The drink is already available in stores.

Roomies, are y’all stepping out and trying this new flavor?

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