IONO about y’all, but I’m always here for free food! That being said, there is a deli in New York that is giving its customers free food if they can answer math problems correctly.

Being a customer at Lucky Candy in the Bronx is probably a lucky (no pun intended) experience. 20-year-old cashier Ahmed Alwan started the now viral game for his customers just two weeks ago.

The game is pretty simple as all you have to do is answer a math question—an easy one at that—and if you answer it correctly, you get five seconds to grab anything you want from the store, for FREE!

There are customers who tried to grab his cat, cash, and even Ahmed himself.

Ahmed shared with CNN that he does this to help low income families save for higher priority expenses such as rent and bills. He also pays for everything out of his own pocket which is pretty noble as his father owns the store.

“All I wanted to do was to help people,” Alwan told CNN. “But I wanted to make it fun. So I made a TikTok and chose a challenge, asking them a math question. It’s a way to entertain and educate people in need while putting a smile on their face, too.”

Ahmed’s father Saleh Aobad said that he is “very proud” of his son.

“It’s great to see him do good and help out the community, and most importantly represent Islam,” Saleh told CNN. “It’s impacting the business in a positive way, bringing awareness and attention to the store as well as spreading positivity throughout the community.”

Check out some of the dope videos below!

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