Behind-the-Scenes of a REAL Pitch

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I made a promise to show you an exclusive breakdown of a REAL pitch to Entrepreneur, and I intend to keep it!

So here it is: My pitch that landed a Clout Monster client in With NO connections or experience!

In this video, watch me go paragraph-by-paragraph on why the pitch was written the way it was. You’ll learn…

  • How to make use of the beginning lines of your pitch
  • Why the second line is the most important part of this pitch
  • What to actually say in your story pitches
  • How to give signals so subtle and powerful that they instantly separate you from the rest of the pitches
You’ll be better equipped to write pitches by the time you finish this video that’s less than 10 minutes. Feel free to watch it on 2X speed if you’re really impatient! 😉

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