Get inside the media’s head for a FULL YEAR in 2023

What if you had a crystal ball that reveals the exact stories that editors are looking for…

...on any given day, week, or month?

When I was first starting out, one of the most frustrating aspects of media strategy was never knowing what editors were looking for… 

You can spend HOURS writing the best pitch, but the editor can put it off (or ignore it) if it just isn’t relevant or timely enough. 

It’s not that people in the media are being arseholes or anything…

Far from it!

They get hundreds of pitches every day, so they need to be extremely judicious with how they choose their stories. 

Imagine an editor is scrolling through their wasteland of an inbox with literally hundreds of other pitches.


In swooshes YOUR email with your story pitch… that appears at just the right time and is exactly the kind of story the editor was looking for.



And ready to be written…

“How in the bollocks did you KNOW?!”

Black magic? Uh, not exactly.

Spy cameras? Oh, god no…

A crystal ball? CLOSE.

No, it’s practically the next BEST THING for predicting stories in the media…

Today I wanna give it to you 🙂

(From someone who’s been in juuuuuuuuuuuuuust a few places in the media:)

Hi, I’m Stephanie Lee!


You might’ve come across my literal hundreds of articles published all over the internet.

Or maybe a client’s article somewhere. (Some have made the front page of the publication and was trending for weeks!)

I’m a media strategist who’s been helping people (AKA creators, online business owners, knowledge-based entrepreneurs, and “normal” people with cool things to say and show the world) get major media placements – even when they have no idea how!

I want to show you, too.

What if you could…

  • Know exactly what stories editors want…weeks or even months ahead of time? (and not just for a few times over the year, but literally any week on any given month?)
  • Plan out a full year’s worth of media-worthy stories in one afternoon
  • Predict how the competition and other pitches will be, so when they zig, you zag (HA)

Well, you can…


The Clout Monster Publicity Calendar: 2023 Edition

Our all-new (and FREE) Publicity Calendar for 2023 shows you…

  • Over 150 relevant days and events across 2023
  • The best times to pitch (and when editors will be overwhelmed)
  • Inspiration for coming up with an endless supply of stories – all year long

This essential tool will make your media strategy more streamlined and increase your “hit rate” (Clout Monster internal lingo for getting the “YES!”).

Best of all, it’s FREEEEEEE!!

Music to your ears (er, eyes), right?

Frankly, my team uses this publicity calendar to help get major media placements for our clients…

So why are we just giving it away for FREE? 

The answer is simple: Clout Monster exists to show each and every one of our readers that getting featured in major media isn’t something only for big business moguls, celebrities, or “shocking” and sensational stories. We ALL have stories to share.

So we wanna give you every chance for success.

And honestly, there’s PLENTY more tips, trade secrets, techniques, strategies, tactics, and methods where that came from… 🤐🚀

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