Peek Behind Clout Monster

Ever wonder how some of your peers suddenly get media attention, build their audiences faster, and get more sales?

The answer is that there’s usually someone behind the scenes helping them get press.

For you, I could be that person.


Heyo, I’m Stephanie Lee! 

You can call me Steph.

Over a million people around the world have read my articles on fitness, health, personal development, entrepreneurship, and even video games. Across a variety of media publications.

People see all these articles, and they always ask me: “Yo, how do you get all this press?”

Clout Monster is my answer to them.


👾 Welcome to Clout Monster, where clout is what your online presence is all about.

(Still working on the catch phrase, you see…)

Ahem, anyway…

My team and I specialize in working with personality-driven businesses, AKA creators. 

In today’s world, a “creator” doesn’t mean ONE thing. You could be a course creator, entrepreneur, coach, writer, marketer, originator of a viral TikTok dance, owner of an adorable celebrity pet, or ALL OF THE ABOVE.

There’s a reason you’re here. You want to drive more awareness, build more trust, and…OBVIOUSLY…make more sales. 

Clout Monster can help.

After over 10 years of publishing online, I’ve developed a number of principles, rules, frameworks, and methods that repeatably and reliably propel me into the press. Into places like:



And I’ve been able to do this for clients, too.

In all different kinds of businesses. In a variety of different industries.

Yes, even in industries with already tons of not-too-shabby freelancers and PR agencies showing up to the very same media doorsteps.



Doesn’t matter if you think your business is in “too competitive” of an industry, “too niche,” or “too hard to explain.”

My specialty is being able to help you find an opening, an advantage, and the right ideas and stories to cut through the noise and break into the media machine. Just like I did with the fitness industry.

Have you ever searched Google for “how to lose weight”? Oh boy, talk about baloney overload — literally millions…no, zillions of articles in an instant! 😱

You’d think that the well of ideas and opportunities to get published has all but dried up…


still found ways onto some of the most popular websites:



Now if there’s one industry that is super saturated and crazy competitive with an especially high barrier for females, it’s the video games industry. And yet…



Again, it’s not just me. My clients, too.

One of them was a fitness company that billed itself as the most niche and “hard-to-explain” brand.

“The average person just wouldn’t GET US,” they said.

So I cried, “Challenge accepted!”, put on my best get-things-done monocle, and got to work. 🧐 The result? 



Or what about very niche industries? Yep, what I do and teach apply across all industries, even in specialized fields like this student’s:



Whew, OK. My arm is tired from all this shameless flexing, so let me just tell it to you straight. 😜

Clout Monster is here to help you make a difference. In your work. In your brand. In your business. And in your clout-y image.

You don’t need to be a turtle neck-wearing CEO, a high-powered, power-posing business mogul, have a huge team, or have a bottomless budget.

Heck, you don’t even need to be an extrovert or love talking to the press face-to-face.

You have your story and ideas to share with the world, and Clout Monster will help you do it. No need to schmooze (unless you want to, I guess).

Clout Monster is all about making clout, PR, and media possible for the people who are quietly making an impact.

For the people who don’t want THAT much attention (OK, maybe a little kinda).

For the people who’ve felt invisible or didn’t look like the people they normally see in the media.

It’s your time.

Depending on who you are, what your business looks like, where you work, and where you want to go, here are some recommendations for you:


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What Students and Clients Are Saying:

“Stephanie's lessons are truly priceless that don’t go out of date or style.”

Leigh Peele

Motivational speaker and fitness trainer. Featured in Good Housekeeping, LA Times, and more.

“Stephanie helped one of my startup clients get on a mainstream publication at a pivotal moment in their funding, and they ended up successfully raising $15 million dollars thanks to her expertise.”

Dick Talens

Growth Hacker and founder of Fitocracy (acquired 2016). Featured in Lifehacker, Thrillist, and more.

"I have noticed an increased confidence in 'pitching’ for things I want for business. I am ‘winning’ a lot more ‘yeses’ for my ideas."

Margaret-Ann Splawn

Executive Direction & climate finance advisor Featured in Harper's Bazaar.

"Stephanie is a pro in every sense: knowledgeable, easy to work with, and has a knack for explaining even complex topics to the everyman."

Whitson Gordon

Former Lifehacker Editor-in-Chief

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